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Alarsin Ayurvedic

Welcome to Alarsin Ayurvedic Brand Products Online Store United States of America . Find the Complete List of Alarsin Ayurvedic Products Online for your selection and order.

Aluretic Tablets by Alarsin for Natural Diuretic
Arjin Alarsin Tablets
Alarsin Dekofcyn Tablets
Alarsin R Compound Tablets
Alarsin Siledin Tablets
Alarsin Bangshil Tablets
Alarsin Fortege Tablets
Alarsin Aloes Compound Tablets
Alarsin Leptaden Tablets
Alarsin Myron Tablets
Alarsin G32 Tablets
Alarsin Sooktyn Tablets
Alarsin Ayapon Tablets
Alarsin Aluretic
Alarsin Arjin Tablets
Alarsin Ayapon
Alarsin Bangshil
Alarsin Dekofcyn
Alarsin Fortege
Alarsin G-32
Alarsin G-32 Gum Paint
Alarsin Leptaden
Alarsin Myron

About Alarsin Ayurvedic

Over 50 years ago, ALARSIN set up 'Manthan' its research division to develop original research products based on Ayurvedic drugs in the light of ancient and modern medical knowledge to fill the need for safe, simple and reliable treatments. With the encouragement and co-operation of quality Doctors, ALARSIN has been able to contribute original Research products backed by extensive clinical experience and modern research trials at the highest levels. A number of research papers and articles based on modern Clinical, Pharmacological, Bacteriological and Experimental studies on ALARSIN’S research products have been presented before Medical, Dental and Veterinary Conferences and published in recognized Medical Journals in India and abroad. ALARSIN Ayurvedic specialties have been the subject of thesis for Post-graduate and Doctorate studies in modern Medical and Veterinary Sciences in India and abroad.At present there are no satisfactory drugs for a number of indication covered by ALARSIN-products. Of course, there are “specific” double edged drugs but their usefulness is limited because of toxicity, adverse side effects, contra-indications, resistance, with drawal effects. Against this background ALARSIN-products have proved safe, simple and with curative aspects.