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Welcome to Imis Brand Products Online Store United States of America . Find the Complete List of Imis Products Online for your selection and order.

Imis Kumkumadi Lepana for Acne
Imis Sarasa Syrup Blood Purifier
Imis Safrozan Cream
Antanil Capsules
Imis Antanil Oil
Imis Antanil Syrup
Imis Anutaila
Imis Dhatuvrudhi Tablets
Imis Eosinophal Tablets
Imis Gorochana Pills
Imis Hemheal Ointment
Imis Ecstasy Gold Capsules
Imis Imisedon Antacid
Imis Jessica Tablets
Imis Kandamula Rasayana Tablets
Imis Kasturi Pills
Imis Ratnapurusha Lehya
Imis Pithorin Capsule
Imis Narasimha Lehya
Imis Nakas Syrup
Imis Madanakameswari Lehya
Imis Tonic Compound
Imis Sankha Bhasma (Rasa Tarangini)
Imis Siddha Makaradhwaja with Anupana
Imis Sinduradi Lepana

About Imis

IMIS Health has the dope on drugs. The company provides sales management and market research services to clients in the pharmaceutical and health care industries. It tracks not only the sale of prescription drugs and over-the-counter products but also the productivity of individual sales representatives that work for its client companies. It offers market forecasts and surveys to physicians and hospitals about drugs they are prescribing to patients. IMIS Health also offers consulting and other professional services.