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Karthika Shikakai Shampoo

Karthika Shikakai Shampoo - Ayur Amla Shikakai with Reetha Shampoo Strengthen hair roots, Cleanses hair, Nourishing hair

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Brief details about Meera Herbals Company / Brand

Meera Herbal Hair Wash Powder is made from a 7 herbs and flowers, carefully selected for their natural cooling, cleansing and conditioning properties. Meera powder has been used for generations and is still popular today because it works. In fact, it’s proven to reduce hairfall by up to 90%, as well as leaving your hair clean, fresh, shiny and smooth. Suffering from hair problems like hair-fall, breakage and early greying? You might be surprised that they all can have a common cause – body heat. A weekly ritual of oil & Meera powder bath can help by nourishing your hair and cooling the body. According to Ayurveda, body heat is the cause behind many hair problems. When the heat reaches your scalp, it damages the roots of your hair leading to hair-fall, breakage, greying and other issues. A routine of oil & Meera powder uses traditional herbs known to cool the body and restore your hair’s health.
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