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Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala

Welcome to Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala Brand Products Online Store United States of America . Find the Complete List of Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala Products Online for your selection and order.

Vaidyaratnam Agnidravakam
Vaidyaratnam Amalakarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Amrutharishtam
Vaidyaratnam Asokarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Aswagandharishtam
Vaidyaratnam Ayaskruthi
Vaidyaratnam Balarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Danthyarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Dasamoolarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Devadarvarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Dhanwanthararishtam
Vaidyaratnam Dhatharyarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Draksharishtam
Vaidyaratnam Jeerakarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Jeevabandhu
Vaidyaratnam Khadirarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Kutajarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Lakshmanarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Mrudweekarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Mustharishtam
Vaidyaratnam Parpadakarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Partharishtam
Vaidyaratnam Vasarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Saraswatharishtam
Vaidyaratnam Soothikamrutham
Vaidyaratnam Sudarsanarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Pippalyasavam
Vaidyaratnam Pootheekaranjasavam
Vaidyaratnam Pootheekasavam
Vaidyaratnam Punarnavasavam
Vaidyaratnam Saribadyasavam
Vaidyaratnam Surasasavam
Vaidyaratnam Useerasavam
Vaidyaratnam Veeratharadyasavam
Vaidyaratnam Aragwadhasavam
Vaidyaratnam Aravindasavam
Vaidyaratnam Bringarajasavam
Vaidyaratnam Chandanasavam
Vaidyaratnam Gomoothrasavam
Vaidyaratnam Kanakasavam
Vaidyaratnam Kumaryasavam
Vaidyaratnam Lodhrasavam
Vaidyaratnam Lohasavam
Vaidyaratnam Madhookasavam
Vaidyaratnam Moolakasavam
Vaidyaratnam Nalikerasavam
Vaidyaratnam Nimbasavam
Vaidyaratnam Panchakolasavam
Vaidyaratnam Patolarasam
Vaidyaratnam Abhayadichoornam
Vaidyaratnam Ashtachoornam
Vaidyaratnam Avalgujabeejadi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Aveerabeejachoornam
Vaidyaratnam Avipathi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Dadimashtaka Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Eladi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Ellumnishadi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Gruhadhoomadi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Gulgulupanchapala Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Guloochipathradi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Hinguvachadi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Jatamayadi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Jatheelavangadi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Jeevanthee Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Kalyanavaleham Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Kapikachu Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Karpooradi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Kolakulathadi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Kottamchukkadi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Lakshadi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Lodhradi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Nimbadi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Nisamalaka Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Panchagandhadi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Punarnnavayolepam Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Pushyanugam Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Rajanyadi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Rasnadi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Sankhupushpi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Saraswatha Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Shaddaranam Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Sidharthaka Snana Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Thakrarishta Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Thaleesapathradi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Thwageladi Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Ulpala Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Upanaha Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Vaiswanaram Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Vara Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Yavaloha Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Vyoshamrutham
Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala Bruhath Triphala Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala Aparajitha Dhoopa Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala Dhathryarishtam

About Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala

Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala is an ayurvedic pharmaceutical company situated in Thaikkattussery, near Ollur, Thrissur city in Kerala State, India. It is managed by Thaikkattusseri Eledathu Thaikkattu Family, one among the Ashtavaidya families of Kerala. Vaidyaratnam runs a nursing home and an Ayurvedic Medical College apart from two ISO certified manufacturing plants in Thrissur and an R&D centre in Thaikkattussery, under the flagship of Vaidyaratnam.

Thaikkattu Mooss’ family has contributed significantly for the growth of Ayurveda, the science of holistic healing. The tradition of the family dates back to the legendary days of Lord Parasurama. The profound knowledge in all the 8 branches of Ayurveda - Kayachikitsa, Balachiktsa, Grihachikitsa, Urdhwavanga chikitsa, Salya Chikitsa, Visha Chikitsa, Rasayanam and Vajeekaranam – gave the masters the title ASHTAVAIDYAN.

Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala is all set to give the right ambience by uncompromisingly sticking to the core traditions - a trait that accelerates growth and supports us in the service of mankind - a trait that reflects our philanthropic philosophy Let everyone in the world attain happiness.